Salvia Pipe

The Salvia Pipe is intended to help guide you in the mindful exploration of Salvia Divinorum. Load each bowl with a very small amount of Salvia leaf or extract, and with each inhalation, journey slightly deeper into Salvia Land.

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How To Use The Salvia Pipe

Why The Salvia Pipe?

Salvia Divinorum is a powerfully potent Master Plant, and must be treated with respect and mindfulness.

The number one mistake people make when smoking Salvia is that they smoke too much!

Staying true to the ethos of harm reduction, the Salvia Pipe was invented to avoid the common mistake of smoking too high of a dose of Salvia.

There are a few reasons people smoke too high of a dose. The first is because they use concentrated Salvia extracts, and secondly there is a myth that in order for Salvia to work, you need to smoke a big bowl all at once. This is simply not true!

To get the most therapeutic benefit from Salvia, load a tiny amount of Salvia in each bowl. Don't pack a big bowl. If smoking extract (like 5x, 20x etc) load literally just a few flakes of extract in each bowl.

The Salvia Pipe was also invented for the purpose of allowing the user to slowly and gradually journey deeper into Salvia Space, without the need to re-load the bowl between hits. The deeper you journey into your Salvia consciousness, the harder it gets to accurately re-load each bowl. It also distracts from the experience. This is no longer an issue with the Salvia Pipe.

Because you can pre-load all the bowls, and because you're not distracted by re-loading bowls mid-journey, the Salvia Pipe helps you feel in control, safe, and mindful.

The Salvia Pipe assembles and disassembles for easy cleaning.

The Salvia Pipe assembles and disassembles for easy cleaning. Clean the jar with ease to avoid that all too familiar 'bong-water' smell.

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