The Salvia Pipe

$60 USD + shipping

The only pipe designed for safe, insightful & easeful Salvia journeys, so you can get the most out of every session.

Here's how it works

Hi, I'm Christopher. I work with people every day who are seeking healing through Salvia. As a somatic Salvia guide, I have worked with dozens of people to make sure they're getting the most benefits out of working with Salvia, and being safe while doing so.

In 2012, I discovered the incredible benefits of going slow with Salvia. Instead of smoking one large bowl and hoping for the best, I divided it into multiple smaller bowls and took my time between them. That experience changed how I saw smoking Salvia, and I got to work developing a prototype. After lots of trial and error and finding out what works best, the Salvia Pipe was born.

I make each and every pipe myself, with care and attention, because I believe that the tools we use for our self exploration and our intentions matter.

Accurate Dosing

Pre-load each bowl with a manageable dose.

The Salvia Pipe allows you to focus on your experience instead of breaking your concentration to re-load bowls in the middle of your journey.

It also encourages harm reduction and is used with my clients during Somatic Salvia therapy sessions, or during meditation by solo explorers.

Revolving bowls allow for smooth travels

The Salvia Pipe was created for all you mindful explorers of consciousness out there. Gone are the days of uncertainty - concerned about whether you loaded too little or too much. A few small hits in a row, at a gentle pace, allows for gracious and easeful unfolding into the depths of your Self.

Used in this manner, Salvia is an amazingly gentle yet powerful healing medicine.

$60 + shipping